Here you have the Partnership Agreement

Being a partner is such an important thing for us!

First things first! Please read this before registering.

As Authorized Company Representative, I confirm that:

  1. I agree to take into account the applications of the students from HACK A BOSS for my company during the hiring process.

  2. I know the benefits of being a partner explained in the section "Why with us?" on this site.

  3. I agree you collect my information and that the data is processed in accordance with your privacy policy and the GDPR.

  4. As a partner I agree to not carry out any type of activity that has the same purpose as the HACK A BOSS project, that is, training for non-technical profiles in web development. For merely exemplary purposes and without exhaustive intention we can take into account: the development of Bootcamps or programming courses with JavaScript.

  5. The parties agree to keep absolute confidentiality regarding all the data, information (whether technical or financial), content, scope of business, etc. to which they had access due to acceptance of these terms.

  6. This agreement may be terminated for the following reasons:

    • Mutual withdrawal between the parties.
    • Non-compliance of any of the obligations assumed.
    • Any cause determined in our current legislation.

In the event of non-compliance by any of the parties, the other may request the resolution, without prejudice to the corresponding legal actions and the compensation derived from such non-compliance, upon 15 days prior written notice to the other party justifying in the heading the reason for that resolution.

❤ With love from HACK A BOSS Team ❤